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Nobody is protected from emergency situations when you need money immediately and there is still two weeks until receiving your check. provides secure and easy service for those who need money quickly. To receive the short term loans you just need to fill out a simple application form protected with 256-bit technology. is not an actual lender, we match our customers with lenders from our wide network. Once you’ve filled out the form your application will be transferred to reliable online short term loan lenders. We do not charge any fee for our services.

As far as all lenders offer different terms of repayment, rates and the loan APR, you get a chance to study the offers and choose the best one. The lenders from our network usually do not have strict requirements to your credit history, so even if you have a bad credit record or no credit history at all, you can still receive a cash loan.

Do I Qualify for a Short Term Loan?

While it may turn out to be quite problematic to get a credit from a bank or a credit organization due to their numerous requirements to borrowers’ income and credit score, it is much easier to qualify for a short term loan online with one or more lenders from our network. Since our lenders do not usually perform any checks of your credit score, you can apply for a cash loan even in case if you have a less than perfect or no credit history at all. To be able to qualify for a short term cash loan you just need to meet some basic requirements:

  • To be 18 years of age or older
  • Legally reside in the United States
  • Be employed for at least three months with the same employer
  • Make at least $800 per month after taxes
  • Have a permanent home address, a working email address and telephone number

How Do I Apply?

To start with we urge you to carefully review our How it Works and FAQ sections to learn more about the process of applying for a short term cash loan. The next step is to fill out a short application form where you need to enter only the basic information about yourself and the loan amount you want to take. After that we will transfer your application to one or more lenders who will then contact you to provide you with the exact terms of the loan.

The process of applying for a short term cash loan via is clear, fast and hassle-free. Besides, the safety of your personal information is guaranteed by our use of the modern industry-recognized encryption technologies.

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Short Term Cash Loans for Beginners Short Term Cash Loans for Beginners

If you have never obtained a short term cash loan before, you are likely to have questions about the process. Here you can find all of the basics about these loans and help you decide whether or not such a loan is right for you—and your personal financial…

When to Get a Short Term Cash Loan When to Get a Short Term Cash Loan

Part of getting the best rates possible on short term cash loans comes with understanding how to use them responsibly. While you should never take out a short term cash loan for frivolous reasons such as shopping sprees and vacations, there are several situations in which they can…

The Charges Associated with Short Term Cash Loans The Charges Associated with Short Term Cash Loans

There are several types of charges that lenders may assess when you take out a short term cash loan. Though the lender is responsible for ultimately determining these charges, individual states have regulations that protect consumers and determine the maximum that any consumer can be charged. Finance Charges…

Representative APRs range from 260.71% to 1,825.00%

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Implications of Late Payment

In the event that you cannot make your loan payment on time, you should contact your lender prior to your due date in order to discuss your options. Most lenders offer rollovers or extensions, but you should remember that there are additional fees associated with these in almost every case. You should review all of the information provided to you by your lender before you provide your signature on any loan agreement in order to protect yourself against surprise charges and additional fees.

Implications of Non-Payment If your cash loan becomes delinquent and remains unpaid—typically 15 days beyond the original due date—there are several things that may occur. These include:
  • Financial Implications – The fees associated with short term loans of up to $500 can range from 12% to 40% on average, and this can climb even higher for loans of more than $500. These fees should be checked with your lender before you sign any loan agreement. There are additional fees for nonsufficient funds or returned checks, and this averages $20 per instance.
  • Collection Practices – When your debt remains unpaid, lenders have several options available to them to attempt to collect that debt. They may contact you via telephone, email and even text message to remind you that your loan is delinquent. However, these lenders must adhere to the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act.
  • Impact on Credit Score – If your payment is not made on time, your lender reserves the right to report this delinquency to any one of or all of the major consumer credit reporting bureaus. This can be devastating to your credit score and it will prevent you from being able to obtain short term loans in the future. Once the loan has been repaid in its entirety, the lender will report this and the delinquency will be cleared from your credit history.
  • Renewal Policy – Depending on the lender and the terms of your agreement, your loan may renew automatically. Should this occur, you will be responsible for paying the additional fees associated with this rollover, and the minimum renewal term is 15 days. Some other options that your lender may provide include the ability to repay your loan in full or make payments on the principle balance over an extended period of time.
Fees and APR Disclosure

The rates and fees associated with your loan, including the APR, must be disclosed to you in writing before any credit is extended to you according to federal laws. The APR—Annual Percentage Rate—associated with short term loans may range between 260.71% and 1825.00%. While this may seem extraordinarily high, the rate is highly competitive when it is compared to the charges associated with bounced checks or overdrawn bank accounts. Listed below is a comparison of these charges as applied to a two-week $100 short term cash loan.